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Art + Community + joy


We’re all we got

Radiclay classes + workshops are safe spaces for kids that feel like they don’t belong. Radiclay brings together revolutionary youth that alchemize the healing power of clay, art, community and joy to make our world a better place for all. 

Radiclay is a non-judgemental non-intimidating, safe and friendly space for beginners and experts, led by Mexican-Salvadorean Abolitionist Artist, Annette Zaragoza-Cerritos(she/hers).

@radiclay_la is a welcoming space for queer youth, trans youth, Black youth, Indigenous youth, youth of Color, Spanish speaking youth, neurodivergent youth (eg: Autistic kids and kids with ADHD), youth with incarcerated family members, grieving youth and any Young Artist that feels unseen. 👀

🌍EVERYONE is welcome here. 🤟🏾

⚡️The class, as a community, makes the rules, decides what path to take and what to create. As a result, no class is the same. ⚡️

🧿Nobody gets in “trouble” in this class. Nobody is “too much” or “not enough”. How you are is your super power. 💪🏾

✨Art Education is for everyone!✨

Radiclay + You  = Art + Community + Joy


Annette Zaragoza-Cerritos, M.Ed (she/her) is a healing artist and abolitionist who is always working towards inclusivity and Healing Justice. Annette believes Art is Medicine. She believes in pivoting and rethinking the narrative. Above all, Annette believes in forgiveness and re-birth. She is a first-generation daughter of immigrants from El Salvador and Mexico and hopes that she is always making her ancestors proud. 

Annette received her Masters in Education at UCLA and has worked with the QTBIPOC, bilingual and/or neurodivergent community for over 15 years. 



Mass Communications Studies, Music History, Spanish


Focus QTBIPOC, neurodivergent and Spanish speaking youth. Concentration in Bilingual Cross-Cultural Language and Academic Development


2020 CASMW by Annette Zaragoza-Cerritos for the CA Dept of Education

2020 CASMW – CA Dept of Education by Annette Zaragoza-Cerritos
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