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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your COVID procedures?

A: We take your health and safety seriously. We wear gloves and face masks when handling clay and offer only virtual classes. Kits are mailed or delivered, so there is never any contact. Pick-up is only offered curbside.

Q: Do you have a sliding scale or payment plan?

A: Our goal is for everyone to experience the power of clay. Contact us to discuss your situation. Everything is kept confidential.

Q: Do you have scholarships?

A: Yes! We offer 1 scholarship per class and hopefully with our fundraising, we will be able to offer classes that are completely free. Contact us for more info!

Q: When will the other classes begin?

A: We are going to add 1-2 classes a month, based on waiting list enrollments.

Q: Do you fire the pieces?

A: Yes! Beginning in March, we will have the option to glaze and fire pieces.

Q: Can I use my own glaze?

A: Only if you get it approved beforehand. Putting the wrong glaze on your piece could destroy your piece and the pieces around it. Don’t do it!

Q: Can I take the classes with my siblings/friends/family?

A: Yes! You can purchase extra kits for them at checkout.

Q: Am I going to have fun?

A: Yes, because you are in charge in this class. You get to make decisions and create whatever you want.

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